Getting some of my Ami Mills prints and framed

You all remember the Ami Mills story I wrote, right? I actually got them printed out and some of them framed. In fact, I framed a bi 11×14 frame for myself. Gave out two 8.5×11 frames to two friends and another 8×10 frame to another friend.

There was actually one design error on it and my copy has it. There are two copies that have it fixed. Anyway, I am really glad I got this printed. It took a while for me to go to FedEx and have them figure out how to do it. It was hard for them to size it so I had to go home and size it right before sending it back to them to look at.

I hope to one day get a new place to live and have that hang on the wall. Seriously, I want to hang it and have it be a reminder to me that I am that good. I can be great. My writing is good. People believe in me. I may one day write for Rolling Stone.

You know how hard it is to find frames? I can get some decent ones at Target but that 8.5×11 was such a pain. Should have went to Michaels, but their prices are just not the business for me. Even on Black Friday, they are just too pricey. Wal-Mart has good frames and I’ll save some money up for the loads of posters I got from the theater.


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