No cell phone for a week is gonna be challenging

This thing is done!

So after almost three years of using my cell phone and refusing to get a new one just because it was working, it finally died on me last night. The battery is dead and it won’t charge or turn back on. It’s officially done.

I was planning to get a new phone next week anyway. But until then I won’t have anything to use. So yeah, this sucks. Surprisingly, I am not like most smartphone users. I actually don’t spend a whole deal of my time on my apps or anything. Really, I am just concerned for people trying to communicate with me via calls or text. I don’t have that through Christmas. That’s not fun.

But yeah, so I have to find a way to get to a computer more often during this time just in case someone wants to contact me via Facebook or email or something. What a bummer. But hey, I can manage. It’s not going to be that hard. Just super inconvenient.


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