I think I am going to scrap my writing story

So remember when I posted this and was hella excited to write it? I haven’t done anything since that and I think I might scrap it. I don’t know if it’s because I am at a writer’s block or I juts have no inspiration, but the idea for me to continue this is gone.

I realized that the task was a real tough one. Not an impossible one. But in order to truly write something, I have to be inspired and filled with ideas. I have none of those. It’s a topic I truly care about and I believe the story can be amazing, but I have nothing. Maybe I can resurrect it. But as of now, I have two stories that I will officially have scrapped.

This is the writer’s life. Maybe I return to my music writing and continue off where I left off with Ami Mills. I could write more about her or do another music character. Who knows? But as of now, I have nothing to offer.


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