My 10-year high school reunion was actually really fun

Three of my good friends I’ve known since our elementary school days and we’re back together at our high school reunion.

Growing up watching TV in America, I was led to believe that high school reunions were a big deal. It was a time to rub in  the faces of those you hated how successful you are. This was to show off your trophy wife or husband and make everyone feel inferior. This was to look at how people have changed and either feel repulsive or jealous. In any case, high school reunions seemed to be a big deal to me.

So when I found out about my school’s 10-year reunion some months back, that was what I initially thought I was going to get. But I knew that my high school was not your typical kind of high school. We weren’t a big class. We had 160 incoming freshmen and by the time we graduated, we didn’t even have 100 left.

But what was nice about a small school was that we knew everyone. Sure, we weren’t all buddy buddy but for me, I liked everyone. Everyone seemed to be genuinely good to me. So this high school reunion was going to be very fun for me because I will get to see these people again. Some of them I haven’t seen since graduation. Some of them I just didn’t really keep up with. I was curious as to who would show up.

Let me tell you that this reunion was extremely fun. I think I was overwhelmed at first at how many people I actually recognized. I was afraid there would be names of people I just wouldn’t remember. But for the entire evening, I think I may have only forgotten one person. Other than that, the entire night was pretty great just seeing old friends, catching up and sharing good memories. So many of these people remembered me and it was nice to be reunited.

There were so many people I hung out with a lot in high school that I didn’t really keep in touch with that well but got to connect again. Seeing so many people grow up now was so great. Everybody has changed, but for one night, we kind of were our teenage selves again.

One cool thing about the school was there were changes since I last was there. One building was completely renovated and now they have desks with wheels, students all have iPads and each desk has an outlet to charge their laptops. Ten years ago, all we had were textbooks.

We got a chance to check out the gym as well. It looks the same. We had all our basketball games and rallies there. So many times I’ve come to this gym to play ball or to cheer.

The charge for the evening was $25 and I don’t think I drank and ate enough to qualify for it. However, it was for the experience. I thought I was going to dread it but it was the opposite. Everyone was happy to see each other and I had a blast just taking a trip down memory lane. It was actually fun. These were the people I spent four years of my life seeing almost every day. And for one night, with all the memories and music playing from our time period, it was high school all over again.

I never really liked my high school much but there’s still a part of me that knows how important it was to my foundation. And for one night, I was reminded why it was so important to me. I’ve grown up and moved on but the memory remains.

I don’t know if I will attend the next reunion, whenever that may be. But if it’s like what I experienced last night, I might just do it again. Hopefully this time I won’t have to pay that much.


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