Watching ‘Agent Carter’ reminded me how shallow we’ve become towards women

Hayley Atwell as Agent Peggy Carter.

When I watched the first Captain America movie, I was crushing on Agent Peggy Carter. I don’t know if it was because Hayley Atwell was a new face to me or it was her British accent. But I really enjoyed her in the movie and I was heartbroken that it would be her only major role in the movie series. But when I found out that they would be making a mini-series of her character, I was so excited.

So this morning I finally got to watch the show and I loved it. It was a great story of her trying to prove to her sexist co-workers that she is more than just a pretty face. And she did prove that she was more than just that. In fact, she kicked ass.

So when I decided to go to the show’s Facebook page to catch up on updates, I saw this one comment that made me stop dead in my tracks.

I love how she has some meat in her. About time they picked an actress who’s not super skinny portraying an agent kicking ass. More believable/realistic in scenes where she has to punch and kick enemies twice her size.

It was true. In fact, I didn’t even realize that I had judged her looks and size during the show. I think it was during one scene where she had to go incognito wearing a very extravagant dress did I tell myself that she didn’t match the typical sized model. Then in the fight scene, I once again thought to myself that she wasn’t super skinny like many actresses we see on TV.

It’s a shame that my past perceptions of TV reality distorted the true storytelling. And the bigger shame is I think Hayley Atwell is gorgeous and beautiful as she is. So what happened there?

Part of it is because we’ve been seeking and been fed the idea that a woman has to look a certain way even though it isn’t realistic. We’ve accepted that standard and it’s unfair. Not everyone can wear a size zero dress and not everyone has perfect teeth, perfect hair, perfect anything. In fact, what is perfect? We’ve been led to believe that perfection is one thing and because Agent Carter didn’t exactly meet that standard, it threw a wrench in my wheel.

Am I shallow and superficial? Apparently so. I wrongfully took what I’ve been led to believe as beautiful and set that standard for what I see on TV. I don’t have this perception when it comes to people I see every day. I see and know so many people that don’t look like models and I see them as beautiful as they are. But somehow, someway, I shut that off when I watch TV.

I’m going to continue watching this show because not only is it a great story, but because I like being reminded that this fantasy features a huge dose of reality.


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