‘Chinese expert’ Darren Rovell gets his facts about the Chinese language wrong in ESPN article

This was posted by Darren Rovell of ESPN. On the surface level, it looks fine. But upon reading the article, I noticed something. I highlighted it.

It’s a common mistake. Mandarin is a dialect that is spoken but when written, it’s Chinese. It’s the same way of saying that the word “Warriors” is written in American. No, it’s in English. It’s just that it’s pronounced differently in America than it is in England.

And also, you can’t spell words that aren’t constructed by letters.

But of course such a common mistake is understandable, right? Well, if you’re a major news company, such mistakes shouldn’t occur. Oh but wait, who wrote that article? The self proclaimed expert in Chinese culture Darren Rovell!

Surely for a man who lived in China for five weeks, he would understand that. I mean, living five weeks in a place is the key to fully understanding culture and language, right?


Once again Rovell shows that he isn’t exactly who he claims to be. Even something as simple as the basics of language for Chinese people, he doesn’t know.


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