I really enjoyed Katy Perry’s Super Bowl halftime performance

So here’s the thing. Before Sunday, I could only name two of Katy Perry’s songs. I never paid much attention to her but I always knew that she was very popular and had a lot of great hits. After beefing with her father, I was optimistic about her performance being a good show.

Call me a fan now. Well, let’s be specific. I am not a fan of Katy Perry’s music still. I think they are catchy, but this performance I am a fan of. Check it out. It started with a big gold lion. Wow! I actually know the song “Roar” and the final roar was phenomenal. What a spectacular way to start the show. It had all the visuals that really captured the audience.

When they transitioned to “California Gurls,” I was really excited. Check out how much she was enjoying herself. I think that is what made me like the performance so much. She was having fun. Other Super Bowl shows I see artists trying too hard. But for Katy, she was so into it that I liked it. Plus, did you see those sharks? Left shark was all out of sorts but I don’t care. The baked beach balls also were funny.

The two guest appearances needed to be discussed. Of course they would have Lenny Kravitz sing “I Kissed a Girl” (another song I knew) just so people wouldn’t get all angry about girls kissing girls. It was subtle and completely transparent. I thought they’d do “American Woman” together but what can Lenny do really?

Missy Elliot though. That was something to celebrate. Her classic hits were performed and it didn’t look like she missed a step. Now that was exciting! I think Missy was the true highlight of the show.

The ending with the flying star was odd yet mesmerizing. It was quite a visual and I was sure that she would fall. But the drone machine worked fine and it was the perfect way to finish the set. It wasn’t too in your face or too loud. The show was one of the best ever.

I don’t know if I want another pop star to do the halftime show for some time. But if Katy is the last one for a while, I can dig it. She gave a very fun show and for me, a guy who knows nothing about her, can appreciate the quality of it. Well done.


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