Day 1 of the 21-day fast: Man, I am hungry

So today was the first day of the 21-day fast. As you know, during this fast in which I want to grow closer to God, I am cutting off snacking in between meals. It wasn’t easy this first day.

I got home late after hanging out with friends at a birthday party. I didn’t get a lot of sleep. I got about six hours, which is still pretty decent but not enough for me. But I woke up this morning, made sure most of my social media apps were logged out and I officially deactivated my Facebook. The only social media I will use is for work or church-related things. So there’s that.

But in terms of eating, I don’t eat breakfast. It is really rare that I do eat breakfast. But if I was going to do this fast, I better start eating breakfast. I ate a banana for breakfast. That was it. Then I spent the rest of my morning in church. It was a really good message in reminding us that sometimes, the greatest life-changing people could be from someone you least expected. Mike Slater, a good friend of the church, shared his story about how his stepdad, who was a bad father, found Christ and changed everything around for him in the family.

It came to the man he met when he moved to California after leaving the family. The man he met was a plumber who owned a business and this man, Chuck Davis, who showed his love of Christ and his service for his fellow man. There is something to be said about sharing God’s love and whomever experiences it, recognizes it to be a kind of love that’s bigger than anything else. That was the message for me.

I didn’t get a chance to eat until 2:30pm. So I woke up tired, ate only one banana in the morning and then just waited until 2:30pm to eat. I could have eaten before that. They had cake and desserts right after service at around 1pm to celebrate the new year. This was my first test. If I ate the cake, then that would constitute as my lunch and then whatever would be eaten afterward would be a snack and that was not what I wanted. It wasn’t easy to say no to sweets, but I was able to just distance myself from it and wait it out. It was then until 2:30pm I got a chance to eat some Thai food. That was my lunch. Not a completely hard first day really. I ate well and it lasted me until dinner time in which I ate some leftovers but I was plenty full.

But this first day reminded me that I will be hit with some temptations every now and then. I just have to know when to say no, when to walk away and just know that I can do it.

I’m not sure if God was doing anything specific in me. But the fact that my first temptation came at church during this fast showed me that this is a challenge that I have to take seriously and I am doing OK so far. Maybe it was a sign using the setting of church to really get my attention.

As for media, yeah it was hard not to look at the TV when I went to the Thai restaurant. I have to learn how to avoid that. In terms of other social media, I deactivated Facebook, logged out of my other accounts and kept it strictly work and church related. Which is now an odd situation because I had work today and I have to watch the NBA All-Star game and I have to use Twitter to get my information. So hard to do this fast when I am forced to dip back into what I am trying to fast. After the game, I immediately shut it off and just waited for the last hour of my shift before turning everything off and heading to bed.

But I think I will be OK. I need constant prayer and I need support. Day one was easy. But that’s not what I am worried about. It’s the later days and later weeks when it all piles up when I want to be able to still say I can depend and trust in God to guide me.

Day 1 has been successful. I need to get to sleep early so I can wake up for the 6AM morning prayer. My daily routines will change and I have to adapt to it now.


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