Day 4 of the 21-day fast: I wouldn’t want to be stuck in a car with myself

I woke up this morning at 4:45am. That is pretty early but in order for me to be the most effective while driving back up to the Bay, then I had to at least start going at around 5am. I did get about that time and I was making great progress. No traffic whatsoever. I had filled my tank up full before heading to the freeway. This was important to me because a full tank of gas, theoretically, would be enough for me just to get to the Costco in Livermore, where I can fill up at an optimal price.

So I am driving on the freeway and 6am hits and I tried to call in for the phone prayer meeting. I said that I would have to be mute since I am driving. But of course where I was, reception wasn’t so good so I got cut off not even 10 minutes into the phone prayer.

Meanwhile, here I am driving in complete silence. Well, not so much. I was listening to Christian radio for a bit before reception ran out. I tried to stream it on my phone and it was just not working. So yeah, I had essentially drive the entire way in silence. It sucks being in the car with me and just my thoughts. I hate it. I hate driving alone and my thoughts are the only thing I hear. Fortunately, I was able to make some time and pray out loud while I was driving. It was actually a huge relief for me. I was sleep deprived but that just gave me some energy I didn’t think I had.

About 30 miles before hitting the Livermore Costco, the gas light lit up. Uh oh, I was running on E. I was surprised that this happened since I didn’t run through anything that would waste more gas and I was going 80 mph consistently. But despite that, I ran through a patch where there were no gas stations around. I knew that once the gas light goes on, I have approximately a gallon to work with before it becomes a real issue. I knew that my car would be able to get to Costco. But there was still that uncertainty. I once again prayed to God several times, just asking him to allow me to get to the gas station without any issue. As I was arriving closer and closer, I strategically released my foot off the gas and let it just glide on the freeway, just to save gas. I was really nervous but I made it. And wow, it was a relief to be able to pull up to the pump and fill up.

About an hour later, I stopped by Dublin to have lunch with an old college friend of mine and his super cute 4-year-old daughter. I still think she’s a baby, but she is so adorable. My friend Anh discipled me when I was a freshman in college. He was the first person to really invest in me and through Him, I met Jesus for the first time. We got a chance to connect and just catch up over some Japanese food.

I spent most of my time playing with baby girl. I bought her a book and she wanted me to read it to her. I hadn’t played with baby girl in two years so I know she doesn’t remember me so I was like a new friend to her. She laughed and said I was a good reader.  Her imagination and creativity is so beautiful. She is a true beautiful creation of God.

During lunch it was just catch up time, laughing time and just really being happy to be in the presence of a man so important to me.

Afterward, I finally got back home. I dropped all my stuff and my friend Wallace from church, who now attend Berkeley, texted me and said he was free to hang out. We talked about it earlier in the week. I parked near campus and we just met up, talked about how things were and walked around the campus. He showed me around. Even though I have been to the campus before and I know a lot about it, he took me the Haas Pavilion and the baseball field, both places I have been outside of better never stepped foot in. He showed me several of the libraries and it was really neat. Praise God for blessing me with a friend who took some time out of his day to meet up with me.

There was one place he showed me that was really nice. It was a small forest of eucalyptus trees. It was beautiful being in the middle of it all. I had to take a picture.

Even though it was man’s idea to plant the trees here, it was God who made them beautiful.

I showed him to Upper Playground, one of my favorite stores and he really liked some of the shirts there. I think it was just great to be back home, happy and being with good people.

Right afterward, my dad called me and said that he was going to have dinner with my grandma (from my mom’s side) in Oakland. So I drove out there and trying to remember where the apartment building was, I found it and had dinner with grandma. It was good to see dad and grandma. It was good to have good food. It was hard not to watch the TV she turned on but that’s OK. I can’t avoid every single TV that turns on during this fast.

I think what I realized during today was that prayer is still so important to me. I prayed during my drive. I prayed during the phone conference. I prayed during my gas situation. I spent 10 minutes of uninterrupted prayer out loud before lunch. It was a reminder for me that prayer is good. Prayer is necessary.

In the devotional today, it discussed that even in times of anguish, we should pray. In times of joy, we should pray. Oddly I praise God a lot when things are going tough. It’s odd because most people are the opposite. I kind of don’t recognize God during the good times, but when bad times come, I seem to be more thankful.

Either way, today reminded me that God is always there for me. But I never seem to be there for Him. I have to pray more. I need to really set my heart to Him. Because when I do, things get easier. Even something like getting to the gas station. That was an answered prayer from God. I am going to believe that is how it came to be. Even the tiniest thing, God listens.


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