Day 6 of the 21-day fast: More driving and back to work

I woke up this morning and did my normal routine of going to my car and joining the morning prayer conference call. It was a good session of praying for outreach and evangelism. That is still such a tough topic for me because I still find it really hard to bring up the good news without at first thinking of how I want to approach it and if I should establish a trust with the person before I start bringing up the topic of Jesus.

This also coincides with my quota from OSL of inviting one new person to church and inviting one new person to join me to OSL. I’ve already started strategizing this because it’s not just something you bring up. I could just informally invite people through email (and if I was on Facebook, a lot easier) but this will all be in person, which is fine except I haven’t had that opportunity to bring it up. I could have forced the issue but I haven’t yet.

I knew today I will be doing driving so I went back to sleep after prayer. Then when I awoke, I continued to do my devotionals and my checklist for OSL. I wasn’t feeling it today. I just don’t know why I feel so distracted even though I am not really distracted at all. I did my 10-minute prayer and asked God to get me out of this rut that I am in. Maybe I just need that good drive to work and a good day at work to get me back on track.

I drove down to Sunnyvale to work out of Yahoo HQ today. The drive was a good one and this is the first time I’ve driven there. All other times I have taken a taxi or the VTA there. Figuring out parking there was fun but I managed. I just parked in a lot that was a block away.

When I got into the office, I decided to grab lunch before they cut it off at 2pm. I have been to Yahoo several times but have never had their Indian food. I had Indian food on Saturday and Tuesday. And today, I finally did it. All vegetarian but very delicious.

So good I can still smell it from the screen.

Work ended up being pretty good. I was effective in my alerts and I sent out two big news bits. It was nice to be in the office again although it was Friday so some people just left early and I have to stay until 10pm. Not ideal but still nice to be here and show people that I care about my job.

I got reconfirmed for my off days in March and I am set for that. I still didn’t ask about other days in next months. But that’s OK.

Diving back into Twitter even though I am fasting is still tough. I can’t go cold turkey for a few days and then jump right back in it. But this is the nature of the beast. I have abstained from my personal FB and Instagram and my TV watching is still pretty on point in avoiding. Music too.

I can’t wait to get off tonight, get some sleep, do some more devotionals in the morning and have breakfast with another good college friend. So far so good. I still need prayer to keep me focused. As these days roll on, I can sense I could fall anytime. I’m good now, but who knows what tomorrow brings?


EDIT: 8:18pm

It is so hard to resist not watching TV right now. I know my fast says I have to limit my media time and not go over two hours. But I am doing zero hours. Only exception to media is work related stuff. I am at work now. I can watch TV and the game I want to watch is on. But the game isn’t necessarily part of my work at the moment. It’s so hard for me to not watch the game despite the leeway I’ve given myself. So hard to resist right now. 


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