Day 7 of the 21-day fast: Prayers answered and outdoor hockey

How crazy is that my devotional for this morning talks about exactly what I have been trying to do this week?

I stayed over at my friend’s house last night. In fact, it was the same house I lived in when I was working my final season covering the 49ers. I slept on the couch. Good times. I woke up this morning wondering how I was going to do my morning prayer knowing that it will be a combined group prayer and then our regular gang afterwards. I was wondering how I was going to do this knowing that even though the house is big, every room is occupied so I don’t want to be loud and wake someone up. Luckily I remember there is a side door that doesn’t lock when I exit, so I snuck out the side door and went to my car, which was parked a little ways out and prayed.

Can I just say how much better I feel every time I pray with the group? It is so encouraging every time to hear people pray for one another and just to hear them call out to God for deliverance. Also, it uplifts my soul. It gives me a sense of relief from all that goes on in my mind and in my heart. It’s amazing how God can just uplift and encourage simply through prayer. It is that powerful.

One of my answered prayers in a way just came about 45 minutes after the morning prayer. I was asked if I could lead one of them on Tuesday. My heart for prayer is growing and I feel that I can have a bigger more prominent role and being asked to help lead is a step in that direction. Amazing how God just works great things in ways that I would never have expected. God is good!

After that, I went out to my friend’s place to see her and their two little kids. Plus after that was the hockey game.

The visit was with an old college friend whom I met at AACF. She now has two kids and I got a chance to play with them all day. I met at her house for breakfast and had no other plans for the day, so I just hung out with her and the kids and played all day and did some catching up. I was so blessed to have the two kids like me. During our talks, we updated ourselves on each other’s lives since we hadn’t seen each other in two years. Additionally, I shared about the fasting I’m doing and invited her to Trinity at the very last moment before I left.

I was so exhausted, during the kids’ naptime, I took a nap too. It was a good time of just calming down and really enjoying each other.

Then with my old roommate and a few of his friends, we went to the Stadium Series game.

Not much detail needed. Just good times and good company. Also got to share briefly about what I do and how I was fasting as well. Good small conversation starter and a chance to enjoy hockey. Sharks lost and it was a bummer. But overall, today was a really good day.


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