Day 9 of the 21-day fast: Driving when sleepy with no music is not the business

The Grapevine approaches.

I woke up at 4:45am this morning and promptly prepared my drive back to Los Angeles. Doing my math, I should get back home before noon and that’s what happened. But it was a really tough drive because I got to bed at 11pm last night because of work. Then when I woke up to go for the drive, I was struggling real bad. I knew that I couldn’t afford to take minor naps at rest areas because I have to get to work back at 2pm in Santa Monica.

So it ended up coming down to me eating some pastries I packed in my car, drinking lots of water and screaming out loud while trying to stay awake. The water drinking made me take two early rest stop breaks but it helped a little. Still, it was so hard to stay awake.

I threw in an old sermon CD I had from Andy Stanley. Because of where I was, there was no reception for radio and no good service on my phone, so listening to some Christian music was not an option. Seriously, I was so tired and no music doesn’t help at all. Enduring this fast away from secular music is so tough and it could have been disastrous. But luckily enough, I listened to the sermon and it lasted me just enough before I got into some area where reception for radio was better.

The sermon touched on how the Bible should be considered historically accurate because all the evidence points to it in comparison to other written manuscripts from different periods. It was quite unique. Even though I never doubted the accuracy of the Bible, it was still interesting to hear how other people have declared the Bible not historically accurate.

By the time I listened to that sermon and another one on the CD, I got into this area where radio was OK and I started to listening . I didn’t feel sleepy afterward. If I didn’t have anything to listen to, then I would have probably fallen asleep somewhere. But getting music in me was good. Even though it seems like this past week since I have relegated to only Christian radio stations, they only play the same five songs over and over again, I haven’t gotten sick of it. At least not yet. I actually wish that I had a station that did more preaching than just songs. Songs are cool but after a while, it can just get repetitively boring.

Anyway, I planned it out perfectly where my gas light went on right at Burbank. I filled up at the Costco right there and that was that.

This morning I joined in on morning prayer and even though I was driving, I had to mute it until the very end when I was just driving straight and I prayed in. Tomorrow I am leading prayer and I haven’t yet thought about how I will do it. I will just keep it simple and let God guide me. I think prayer is seriously being put on me this past week and maybe that is something I need to really consider as a lifestyle adjustment. I know I already needed it, but maybe I can have more than what I already do.

Please pray for me as I head off to work and that I have a good day and come back home refreshed and ready for tomorrow.


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