Day 10 of the 21-day fast: Prayers answered and I am sick

First of all, I am sick. I blame this on myself. I was wearing a T-shirt and it was cold inside my cousin’s house. I didn’t wear my sweatshirt. Now I have a stuffy nose and I am sneezing. It’s draining some of my energy but I just gotta find a way to not do too much and keep myself warm at all times.

But here’s a cool story from last night. MC Jin and I had been talking about a new clothing line he was about to launch. At that time, it was on the hush hush until he told me last night what it was:

(This doesn’t technically break my media fast since it’s only secular media I have to fast from)

But here’s the cool part. He wore this design on a sweatshirt a few weeks back while freestyling on a show. It was an amazing testimony as he incorporated his faith into his raps. My friend whom I told you about having lunch with last week, actually told me he watched the same freestyle and wanted that shirt real bad. He googled it trying to find it. And the following week, his prayer is answered. How crazy is that? God somehow answered that prayer through the faithfulness of Jin. Sure, it’s just a shirt, but a shirt with a message so powerful that it is an attention grabber. And for all the right reasons.

So I placed my order and I will wear it whenever it comes to my doorstep. Jin liked that story about my friend so much that he said he wants to share it on social media. Since I can’t go on social, I guess I have to just wait until the fast to see it. But I trust it will be great and glorify God.

This morning, I led the morning phone prayer. I had an idea of trying to get everyone involved in prayer and was planning to lead that portion. But first, I started off with asking them if there were praises and prayer requests the group wanted to share. That took up the entire 30 minutes of our prayer time. Praise the Lord! I wanted to get everyone involved and the group actually dictated the direction of prayer. My idea didn’t even get a chance to get incorporated and that is totally fine. I was stressing a little about how it was going to work if I had to use my planned prayer leadership. Instead, I did very little leading and  the group led each other.

The idea, which I will have to hold until another time, was basically asking people to share their goals or hopes of achievement at the end of the fast and have one person on the line pray for them. I was hoping to get people to see the power of prayer and the power of praying for one another. God is a big God and we can dream big with God. That was my idea. But that will be saved for another day. The prayer time today was too beautiful for me to try to interrupt with my own ideas. God guided our prayer this morning.

Afterward, I went back to sleep. I was still cold and I still was running on fumes from the previous day. But I feel that God is just trying to get me some rest before I attack today with more enthusiasm and dedication. Now that I am off work today, that means I have to be completely off media. Which means more time reading, writing and praying.

But the OSL meeting we just had was something amazing. I don’t have time to write all of it down but I am simply floored with the reconfirmation of how much Jesus loves me and was willing to give up His life for me. Amazing.

May my friends also recognize and realize this, that their trust in God is in the amazing sacrifice and love of Jesus.


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