Day 12 of the 21-day fast: Eating a can of soup with a ‘best by’ date from 3 years ago

This morning I didn’t go to my car and pray. I didn’t want to be out in the cold car again, so this time I stayed in my room with the heater on. I was afraid that I might be too loud and wake everyone up. But it didn’t happen and it was a good time of prayer. Even though I have been trying my best to get enough sleep, I still went back to sleep for another hour afterward.

Now because I am off social media and I can’t Netflix or whatever, I have so much more time on my hands. It’s during these times I just think that prayer is the best solution to pass the time. It’s starting to be on my heart to pray more. The problem is that praying by myself is still a hurdle for me. Maybe it’s because I know I can still get distracted easily and my focus on prayer isn’t always there at times.

But I realized that during this fast, there are a lot more prayer requests out there and things that I could be praying for. Or even things that I should be praising. But here I am today and I realized that I am praying for the littlest of things. And maybe that is a good thing.

Corn chowder soup of 2012.

My mom used to volunteer at our old church’s food pantry. During that time she would learn the secrets of canned food and how certain can food’s shelf life can extend by double of the date on the label. With that in mind, I looked at some cans that I had brought with me when I first moved here in 2012. I looked at the date and saw that one of them, a corn chowder, was “best by” 2012. Wow. But I learned that “best by” just means that the maximum freshness of the item is that date. It can still be edible if I kept the can dent free and in a good temperature (and if it wasn’t something with acid). So far that checks out.

So three years later, I opened up the can and put it in my pot to heat up over the stove. And yes, I prayed to God to make sure that the soup turned out OK. And even though it tasted terrible when I first sniffed it, I heated it up and started to eat it for lunch. I can tell you as of right now, I am still alive. I don’t know if it’s science of my little prayer to God, but the soup turned out fine and I feel fine.

What’s still on my heart is the direction of my Life Group. We meet later today and I will detail you on that in tomorrow’s post. But hopefully God will guide the leaders in the right direction for the group.


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