Day 13 of the 21-day fast: Breaking Bread

I felt creative, so I did a little photoshopping based on a tongue and cheek suggestion last night from my pastor to call the new direction of the group ‘Breaking Bread.’

Last night might have been a breakthrough for my Life Group. After detailing about my concerns of the group the other day, I was apprehensive about how the group would move forward during a time in which I felt there was a lull. Instead, God answered our prayers and we had a miracle breakthrough session.

I won’t go into too much detail about what transpired, but I can say that this group is running on God fuel. I think what we happened was that we just dove right into our deepest feelings and just expressed what we wanted from our group and what we envisioned for it. And thanks to scripture, particularly Acts 2:42, we were reminded what a true fellowship was about.

We had to devote ourselves to the teachings of the Lord. We had to dedicate to each other in fellowship. We had to enjoy one another’s company and eat together. We also have to dedicate to prayer. These are the essentials. The early disciples following the resurrection did all this daily and God added to their numbers the same. It’s amazing how something so simple as loving one another as God loved us could produce so much good fruit. But it’s no surprise. Nothing from God should ever surprise us.

I was in tears last night praying. This was something so beautiful. This was, in my opinion, the boost the group needed. I want this to be like the group I was in when I was living in San Jose in 2011. That group did all of that. Every week we ate together, we shared our lives together, we learned together and we prayed together. It was beautiful. It was the closest I had ever felt to God and a community.

I am optimistic that this happens here. It can be just like that. Beautiful and wonderful. And full of love.

Speaking of answered prayers, I came in to check my work schedule and they’ve added a fifth day to my work week. And the extra day isn’t during OSL or The Bridge. YES! I was praying for some time that they give me more hours and that I had a chance to really do more work and show my worth. And this was it. I needed it and today at work, I am having a great day.

As praying becomes more and more part of my life, this is God answering prayer. In His time, He delivers. Yes He delivers!


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