Day 14 of the 21-day fast: The encouragement of Angel Tree

This morning for the morning prayer, I knew that I would be on the phone for about an hour since we’re combining two prayer meetings into one. So what I did was actually get into my car and drive out to a place to pray. This was strategic because I can turn on my car and use the heater in it to get warm in the short few minutes I am driving. I located myself to the local park where there is plenty of parking and essentially nobody around at 6am. Well, there was one guy, but he left shortly thereafter. I stayed in the car and was completely undisturbed and unrestricted by the volume of my voice.

What a wonderful time still to pray and how encouraging it is to have new people join.

The highlight of my day actually was the Angel Tree luncheon for all the volunteers. Angel Tree is an organization that partners with mothers and fathers who are in prison. During Christmas, they want to send a gift to their child. But because of their circumstance, they have no options. This is where Angel Tree comes in. Through Angel Tree, the parents tell the different churches who participate what they think their child might want or what they want to give to their child. In return, and this is all by the congregation’s own donation, the churches will buy the gifts, host a party for the children and their caretakers, and give them the gift on behalf of their parents.

My church participated this for the first time this past December. We had about 20 kids overall and the party was great. It had face painting, letter writing, cookie decorations, dinner and a time for us to share the gospel for the kids. The kids loved receiving their gifts and it was a joy to just give and share the love.

So today’s luncheon was just a thank you to all who volunteered. Some people have been doing this for years with their church and they serve over 800 kids. It’s amazing! They told stories of how they do whatever they can to make sure every kid is accounted for. Some told stories of just how miracles happened and God provided. Even one of the pastors there said that he was a child in the Angel Tree program years ago and now he is returning his favor in serving for Angel Tree.

Hearing stories of God in action is so humbling. Just being able to hear the stories, see how God works in so many ways and be in a room full of loving people is simply awesome. Plus, it was a luncheon so there was free food!

As I wrap up the second week of this fast, I have noticed that my life is more God-centered. The de-cluttering of all the media that I used to be around really has given me more time to recognize and realize God in action. Sure, I still would have gone to this even if I wasn’t fasting. But I am convinced that because I was fasting, I appreciated the stories a lot more. My entire mind is focused on Him.

And to top it off, I was smart about what to do after the luncheon. I was scheduled to work at 2pm today and knowing that the luncheon could go long and traffic going back home, I brought my work laptop with me. And of course, that’s what happened. So instead of going home, I am in the office. I have a lot of time on my hands and I think I am going to do some more writing.

God is most definitely speaking to me and I am hearing it. Sure, it’s not a tangible audio voice, but God speaks to me through my heart. And when I feel God, I know it’s Him.


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