Day 15 of the 21-day fast: Because I didn’t have time to write a blog entry yesterday

This entry was posted in the morning of 3/2/15 but I back tracked the time stamp.
OK so I didn’t write a blog entry for Sunday and for good reason. I was away from home for pretty much all day and didn’t get back home until almost 1 am. I was near a computer all day but it was strictly for work and I actually forgot to blog because I was doing so much I never got a chance to remind myself.

But still, Sunday was a great day. The message was on prayer and how important it is for me to remind myself about prayer. Prayer remains as the essential theme of my fasting period and how great for the church’s new sermon series to touch on prayer and its importance. In fact, the entire month the church will be focusing solely on the Lord’s Prayer and how to pray it. It is amazing to learn the history of every line of it and what we can do to use it as a guide for our lives.

The most important thing for me this Sunday actually came at the very end of the day. After a night of board games (in which I almost won the first go around of Ticket to Ride but won the second time for sure), it was a night good legit deep conversations. I brought my laptop along for work so I had to work and play the games at the same time. Not hard, but it occupied my mind a lot.

After the board game night, a few of us went out to Phoenix. It was tempting but because of my fast, I could not order anything to eat. That’s OK, I managed it well.

The discussion once again talked about the direction of my Life Group and I got a couple new perspectives of where and what the group is. I came to learn that there is a desire to see it grow and a full intention to see it become big. Of course the hardest thing is to see the group become a full on fellowship when not everyone is dedicated to the cause.

When the commitment is not there, then it’s harder to invest into it when you are not sure who you can depend on. Additionally, trusting someone who doesn’t commit is hard too. Given that, it still remains an ongoing concern. Still, we were encouraged to really see the desire of this handful try to get this group to where it needed to be.

The lasting image I took from last night was that it made it easier for all of us to open up about ourselves in a manner in which we were supposed to, allowing all of us to trust one another. I even shared about my hopes and desires for the group, how I pleaded with God to please deliver me before I was on the brink of leaving this group.

What encourages me also is that there is a chance for this group to really grow with a new location. It’s been great so far but I’ve been trying to get a few of the guys of the group to consider moving into this apartment of our mutual friend. Right now, just getting a chance to check out the apartment really could be the selling point. Ideally, the place would house the guys and it would be a new central point of meeting for the Life Group. And for me, a challenge to live with a bunch of men who can keep me accountable. I need that.

So much could happen if this does go down and I believe it will. So close. So so close to getting this place and allowing the group to really grow. I believe it. I know God’s hands are in this. I have to continue to believe God will deliver it.


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