Day 16 of the 21-day fast: I’m just here for the BBQ which they ran out of

Running through the rain.

Because I didn’t get home until late last night, I was running on very little energy when I woke up for morning prayer. But I toughed it out and it actually was a really good time of just praying for one another. These morning prayers are great and in fact if it continued past the 21-day fast, I’d still join in every morning. Nothing beats starting off my morning with God and in prayer.

But I was so exhausted I went right back to sleep afterward. When I woke up, I decided I still need to go out for my routine walk. The trek is about an hour around my neighborhood. But when I was almost halfway there, it started to rain. I knew that was a possibility since I checked the weather update. But I chanced it and it started to rain. So I kind of tried to run back home. It didn’t pour too much but it still was a good amount of rain.

By the time I was halfway back home to get out of the rain, I decided to take one photo of the rain. That’s what you see above.


Then after I took that photo, I heard a bird caw. Was it a raven? I don’t know the names of birds but I took a picture of that too. Somehow, I was at peace. Standing in the rain and looking at the bird. That’s God’s wonder right in front of me. A little inconvenient, but nothing short of beautiful.

Today is also Yahoo’s 20th birthday. There was a big thing held at headquarters but all campuses were invited to join in via teleconference or something like that. I didn’t want to drive through traffic early just to watch it, so I passed. They even had a yodel to break the Guinness World record. I missed out on it. Oh well. I guess I’ll be a record holder for some other thing down the line.

But what was great was there was a BBQ at the work campus and I showed up for that. I was a little late, but I got a free shirt. They ran out of meat, so I was stuck eating chili cheese fries, mac & cheese and a churro. But I am so #blessed to be working for a company that has that kind of staying power and treats their employees like this. They had a band playing, some cool party gifts and just a good atmosphere.

The hardest struggle for me was the cake. If there’s a birthday party, there’s cake. I already turned down cake during the Chinese New Year family dinner. But this was right in front of me. How can I eat cake? I could have snuck one in during my lunch. But I really want to cut down on sweets. Just looking at this cake was so tough. The temptation was so real. I thought I might have legit cracked, but I didn’t.

I resisted. And even though this is a small deal, the fact that I have not dealt with sweets and snacking throughout this fast has been really good for me. And being thrown this temptation was not easy. But I believe in the power of the fast and how God strengthens me. I know the bigger picture is there and I will not eat that cake.

Don’t tempt me, Satan. I will not eat the cake.


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