Day 17 of the 21-day fast: We’re meetin’ and then we’re ballin’

The things I see during my morning walks listening to Christian music and sermons. You see the bee?

It was the same routine for me today. I woke up for the morning prayer and because I once again was so tired, I went right back to sleep afterward. The morning prayer has still been really good to me but even when I try to get at least seven hours of sleep, sometimes it isn’t easy. I toss and turn during the night and so I lose some time there. By the morning, I just don’t have the energy. It’s too cold and I just want to stay warm.

However, the day did start off pretty well when I eventually awoke. I did spend some of my time completing my OSL tasks for the week. We didn’t meet today but I did complete all of my tasks except for inviting someone to church and inviting someone to OSL. That’s not easy, especially since I have to explain what OSL is.

Anyway, I did spend most of my morning Google image searching for my writing project. I like to be a creative writer and I already have written to fake Rolling Stone stories. Today I found more photos of my new muse and did some photoshopping just to see what I was working with. It actually was a good time waster for me. I felt like I was challenging my creativity and I did some more in the afternoon, writing and photoshopping. I really am excited about this story that I am working on and it may be the hardest one for me.

As I did my daily walk around the neighborhood, I was hit with a bit of frustration. Because I am off social media, people are texting me more. It’s not bad except when they are coming in droves. Do people really need to talk to me about things that aren’t really big things? It isn’t It frustrates me. But I know they want to text me because they want to contact me. I guess I am just being tested to see how much I can handle living in a world of inconvenience for Jesus.

Later that day, I had a meeting at Carrows to talk with a guy I had met before that really wanted to get the ball rolling helping our community. This is something I care deeply about and some people of the church, along with people from other churches, really want to see how they can help the people who are troubled because they have lack of funds, resources, or anything and they have no idea where to go and how to help themselves. It’s especially a big issue in my neighborhood. It was a productive meeting and a short one, but I feel that this is a challenge I want to take.

Then when I got back home later that afternoon, I did more writing. But I think I am hitting a little speed bump right now. My focus on God isn’t where I would like it to be. Even though I am away from things that distract me, I still can’t seem to get over it. Maybe it’s because I have all this free time I am trying to fill it up with writing. Writing isn’t bad, but maybe I should do a little more time with God first. I don’t know.

Later at night I went to the weekly basketball open gym. I haven’t been in two weeks because of OSL. But it was really good to play ball again. There weren’t as many people as before but it was still good enough where we all got a lot of playing time. I made some good shots but at the end when I was really tired I lost in a game of HORSE.

Tomorrow is another off day for me. Tomorrow I want to really get a lot of writing done but I feel that in order to get my creative ideas flowing without distraction, maybe I just need better focus. First, I have to get my mind and my heart in the right place, spend more time with God and then attack the day. Maybe I’ll do some reading too. Who knows? I just need to listen more to Him first.


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