Day 18 of the 21-day fast: Morning focus on God

Yesterday, I talked about how I couldn’t really get a good grasp on my focus on God. I had spent my entire morning mostly just working on my story. Which is fine really but I didn’t allow more time for God to be in my morning. I needed to get my morning focus on God. So this morning, I woke up for morning prayer. Once again, I didn’t have enough sleep prior to it since I came back from basketball. But I did the morning prayer, which is still very good for me. Then I fell back asleep.

I awoke at 9:45am super refreshed. And I knew that the morning will be dedicated to God. In the morning, I got a chance to do my morning devotionals. Then I did my 21-day fast devotional. Then I did my daily reading of Acts. Then I did my 10-minute prayer. Then finally, I listened to the next sermon for my OSL program and it was a long sermon about the Spirit. In essence, it reminded me that I will sin regardless if I am a believer or not. That is how the flesh operates and I can’t prevent myself from sinning. However, even if I do sin, that doesn’t mean I don’t go to heaven. Because if I am one with the Holy Spirit, then whatever my flesh does, will not prevent me from losing that relationship with God. Yes, I still want to avoid sinning but sin won’t be the end all for me. The most important thing is that I strive to maintain a strong relationship with God. That’s what I need to do.

By then, my entire morning was spent on Him. What a great way for me to start off my day.

The rest of the day was pretty simple. I ate lunch, I had a walk around my neighborhood and in between then, I started writing a lot more for my story. I got a lot of progress done in my story and it remains to be on pace for something good.

I did cook up the curry I bought at Costco. Since I love Indian food, I bought premade Tikki Masala. I just heated it up on the stove and it was pretty good. Sure, it’s not restaurant quality, but given the circumstance, I like it. I got some leftover too.

Tomorrow is the big day for The Bridge. We’re supposed to share our testimonies. I will get some pizza. I am looking forward to this day. May God bless us.



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2 responses to “Day 18 of the 21-day fast: Morning focus on God

  1. God be with you and good luck tomorrow!!!

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