Day 19 of the 21-day fast: Now I know what God has been telling me

Remember how I explained in Day 7 how God answered a prayer for me? At that time, God had just put in my heart that prayer was going to be an even bigger essential in my life. I had attempted to pray diligently but it was still hard. Yet I knew that prayer had to be a bigger part of my life and doing the morning prayers was exactly what pushed me in that direction. God spoke to me, telling me that prayer is the way that I need to take the next step in my faith. About 45 minutes after that, I got a text asking me to lead a morning prayer.

I was so happy and I thought that was the prayer answered from God. But it wasn’t. Instead, it was a precursor to bigger things to come. At this time, I can’t go into detail as to what exactly will happen, as it is still a developing situation, but I can reveal this: My prayer life is on the up and up. I had been pushed by God to take my prayer life seriously and in order to do that, I should find myself as a leader. No longer can I just wait for a situation to pray. Instead, every situation is worth a prayer time. Every situation is worth a time for me to come to God with any and everything thing of my life. And it is on me to lead others to great prayer.

So with this, I know that in the very near future, I will be leading prayer with many great warriors. The capacity is yet to be known, but God has already guided me on this path of prayer. And with that, I know this is exactly what God has in store for me. My life in prayer is going to get way more awesome.

And what’s crazy was that I was listening to sermons this morning and both of them started off with a central theme: teaching. As a teacher, you hold a certain responsibility. And as a prayer leader, that is also the same as being a teacher. How awesome is that? God made all those things tie in together like this. I will be a new prayer teacher. I can’t wait!

Tonight we did a testimony night with my Life Group. I was super excited about this night and was looking forward to it all week. To really connect as a group, testimonies of God’s story is exactly what we needed. How did we meet God? What is God’s story in our lives? Man and this was a wonderful meeting.

We had people share including myself and it was a beautiful time. Thank you God. You work in many ways.


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