Day 20 of the 21-day fast: Hello, sweetness, my old friend

Friendly front yards in my neighborhood during my walk.

You know what I don’t like to do and I try to avoid it whenever it comes up: a countdown. And this is the situation I am in. This fast will come to an end tomorrow for me and my fasting of sweets and snacking in between meals will end. I don’t want to count down, but here I am doing it. I want to avoid it. I don’t want to take away the dedication of the fast and crawl back like some addict.

Let me tell you what it’s been like not snacking, not having sweets for almost three weeks. When I am out hanging with friends who want to go get boba or something like that, I have to sit there and not order anything and watch them eat. Not easy.

Then we have dinner together and someone brings cookies. I can’t have any. And last night at the end of dinner there were two more slices of pizza left. Can’t have it.

It actually wasn’t as tough for me to resist all that during the three weeks. In fact, because of it, I actually think I’ve lost weight. I’ve upgraded a notch on my belt. But as I get closer to tomorrow, I have to think about what I have learned in this fast and how I am approaching the end of it. Do I just binge on sweets when it ends? I don’t want to. Yet today they had extra cookies and pretzel buns for me to take home. Oh the temptation. But I think I can control it. If I can hold off on it the day after, then maybe I can win it going forward.

The whole point of the fast was for me to depend on God instead of my own flesh and even something as simple as avoiding sweets is still not an easy task for me. But if I can do it for 21 days, then I can do it for 22 days. Then 23 days. But maybe instead of that, I an slowly transition back to a respectable moderate pace. So I can have one cookie and that be that. And maybe add a roll for part of my dinner and that be that.

So the countdown, I hope, is something I can get out of my mind. I want to be so in the zone that I don’t even notice that the 21 days are over.

But hey, that’s not all for me. I still have two more weeks of the OSL challenge and that’s my fasting of media. I keep thinking about the last day of that fast but I still think I can actually go longer than the required five weeks. I haven’t checked my personal Twitter account at all during the fast. I have to have checked my professional account just to keep up with my career. I haven’t logged into my personal Facebook account but have only been on to update my work page and my church page. I haven’t logged into my Instagram. I have, for the most part, avoided all of YouTube except when it’s sports-related for work. I haven’t watched any of the 10 TV shows I follow regularly. I think I have done pretty well during this fast.

So two more weeks of the media fast and I can actually do it longer, but I’ll decide what happens when that happens. But during this fast, I have allowed God to speak to me in so many ways. I know that prayer is going to be a bigger part of my life and last night was a sign that I am going to take a bigger role as a leader for my Life Group too. Adding into that I might be moving to a new place and all that, there is a lot of development going on. All from God. All big things. Media is not that important in comparison. I think that’s what I have to remember. When it comes down to it, I will have occupied my time with plenty of other important things.


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