Day 21 of the 21-day fast: Completion

Took a picture of my lunch.

Today was the last day of the fast and it was one of the busiest days. I had to wake up for the morning prayer, which went to over about an hour. Then it was OSL since we didn’t do it on Tuesday. Then it was volunteer appreciation day at the park (with tacos) and after being out in the sun for about five hours, it was board game night in which I brought work with me.

Physically I am exhausted, but spiritually, I know that I am closer to God then I was three weeks ago. I think that during this time of fasting, I was able to really avoid all the snacking that I usually do (and I’ve lost weight) and really focus on God. Also, it gave me a lot of time to meditate and pray and because of that, there is a whole lot of changes that will go on with me. My focus is strong and my desire for God has become stronger too.

So what now after this fast? Well, I can tell you that I can easily go another week without snacking. In fact, the snacking has been something I don’t care much about anymore.

But the real thing that has changed now is that I am just a lot more focused and my hunger for God is stronger. I still have the media fast I am doing and I am still two weeks away from that being over. I don’t feel the desire really to rush back into it. I can live without it being so prominent in my life.

Today was a good day and it was a good way to cap off the three-week fast. I will probably have a more in-depth post about what’s to come next for me in the next couple weeks and what my plans are. I don’t know if I will still blog as I do my media fast but you’ll know it when you see it.

In the meantime, I just have to say that the fast has benefited me tremendously and my trust in God has grown. It’s been a real good journey and I wouldn’t mind extending it longer. The distractions I used to have were put away and I could hear God speak to me numerous times during the fast. It’s so great to hear God when there is no noise.

So come back and see what my next update is and what I have planned next. I accomplished one part of this task. I look forward to finishing off the next one. God is good!


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