WrestleMania last night was such a blast

I cannot believe that I attended WrestleMania! What an amazing show. I had planned out the entire trip for months and it finally came. And knowing that I had all day, there was no rush to try to get to the Stadium. But wow, it was so awesome to be there. The setup looked amazing and the atmosphere was electric.

The fact that the sun was out for most of the show was tough. I was in section 214 and the sun was on me for five hours. I had my binoculars and my sunglasses, cap so I was OK. Still, it was tough on me.

But to be part of something so amazing was juts indescribable. Visually, it was great. The matches were fun and the storyline as great.


Take a look at the above video. Ronda Rousey! The Rock! I am still speechless. The entrances were still amazing, like the Rusev and Triple H one. Man, Sting was there! Undertaker was there!

The ending was the highlight. My goodness. I predicted it but I still think that they actually pulled it off was something all in itself. Congratulations, Seth!

I would write more but the experience cannot be contained into words.


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