Happy Easter! Jesus lives!!!

You know, I always share the above video and it still means a lot to me. The whole point of Easter is the resurrection. As much as it was great to have Jesus come to earth, do miracles, preach and even die on the cross, none of it meant anything until he was risen from the dead. We as a people were so broken that we needed a resurrected Jesus. Not just a savior who would come down and do good, but we needed a savior to sacrifice and conquer death.

I like the above video because it illustrates that we needed a resurrected Jesus. The finality of His mission here was to be raised from the dead. That’s what makes this entire faith work. We believe of the resurrection and the new life it gives us. With that, we are made new in Him.

This is what we celebrate. We celebrate the fulfillment of the promise. The resurrection saved us. We are no longer slaves to our own death because Jesus conquered it. In Him, we are alive.

Happy Easter!


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