I got to meet Best Coast and I had a ton of fun!

This was the event that was going on. I knew that I had to go out there and meet them and just enjoy the cool event. I only discovered this duo several weeks ago because I came across their latest single “California Nights.”

I started following them on Twitter and Instagram and I really dug their style. So a chance to meet them, get their autograph and all that jazz seemed like a cool thing to do before I headed out to work for my night shift.

I arrived at the Oinkster a little before noon. Since the event was still being set up, I did order the special burger and shake for the event. Very delicious. What was cool was that they were selling a lot of old merch. Unfortunately there wasn’t anything that really grabbed my attention. But it was cool to see all that stuff around.

They were selling their new LP on vinyl only there. I wish they had the CD since I don’t own a record player. But still, an opportunity like this was too good to pass up. Bobb was really cool. I told him how much I appreciate his nice long hair. Bethany threw up the peace sign in our photo. Really awesome stuff. I got them to sign the sleeve for the record instead of the cover. I think that’s a good spot.

Anyway, it was a pretty cool experience. They’re still rather new to me, but I had fun meeting them and just supporting good music. I’m a fan now! I hope to see them perform sometime in the future. That would be fun!

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