I finally got to see Tess Henley perform live on Revolt TV!

Tess5Let me tell you a story.

Last year I saw that somebody followed me on Twitter. It was a singer/songwriter/music artist by the name of Tess Henley. I had never heard of her before at the time but I was curious as to why she would follow me. Maybe it was because I tweet about music a lot. Out of curiosity, I decided to go to Spotify to listen to some her stuff, see what she was about. I dug her sound. It was refreshing and fun. I followed back.

As I continued to listen to her music more, I became a fan. I would every now and then just put on her music during my writing sessions. I even picked up her latest EP, which is very good.

In fact, my last story was partially inspired by her. I detailed it here.

I had always wanted to see her perform live since I started listening her music. I think it was because she was an artist I liked and she seemed to be just real down to earth. Plus I like going to concerts, so there’s that too. But unfortunately with my busyness of schedule with my job, I rarely ever can make it out to any concerts at night anymore. But then I found out that she’s performing for Revolt at noon and I knew that I could pull that one off.

I had seen Rick Ross perform live at Revolt before. I know what Revolt is about and I love it when they have these free shows. So knowing that it was going to be at noon and I have work at 2pm, I think I could pull this off. Just as long as it didn’t go too long. But still, I get to see Tess perform. Excited!

The excitement is mutual.

When we got into the studio, they had us stand on the stairway, then moved us down to the floor, then up again. It was a very confusing time but I understood what they were doing. Having used to work in television, this all made sense to me. I saw Tess as she was standing by one part of the studio and I waved at her. She waved back. Cool!

What sucked was that since this was a recorded segment and it was all about visuals, we couldn’t snap any photos during the recording. Makes sense. I wish I could have snapped some shots during the performance. Speaking of the performance, it was wonderful. I was so happy to hear “Positively Me” (my fav song off the EP) and “Wonderland” during the show. She sounds awesome live.

Steve Aoki did a small interview in between and was seated on a couch on another level. I was too far away to even see him clearly. (I did see him after the show as he left the studio.)

Still, the whole thing was pretty neat. I wish I didn’t have to rush and there was a meet and greet. Would have loved to give Tess a high five. But I had to rush (and I barely got to work on time) trying to get out of Hollywood. I really hope she does another show in LA soon. Would love to see her perform again. But until then, consider this a off my checklist.

Here are some pictures I took when we weren’t recording.

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