Dzhokhar Tsarnaev getting the death penalty brings me sadness

When this news broke, it saddened me. I knew that he had to be punished for his horrible act of violence. Yet in my heart I knew that the death penalty was just not right.

I scrolled through my Twitter account and I saw tweets of people being happy with the decision. People I know and people I follow, there was a sense of joy in the decision. Some were instantly demanding more, that they wanted Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to have the most brutal form of execution.

Reading all of that broke my heart.

I remember when the news of Osama bin Laden’s death made its way around the Internet. It was the same reaction. A celebration of his death. I didn’t feel right about celebrating. I just couldn’t wrap my mind around the “eye for an eye” mentality so many people seem to desire.

I tweeted my instant reaction.

This doesn’t mean I support what either of these terrorists has done. As you can tell, I don’t want violence. I know what they did was horrible. But to celebrate? I don’t have it in me.

Ever since I was young, I always wondered about the death penalty. Would that be something God would want? It was hard for me to take in because one of the Ten Commandments was “Though shall not kill.” And the death penalty is exactly that. So there is no way I can support it, right? And who are we to judge someone’s life? Isn’t that up to God?

It’s still something that I wonder a lot about. I have done studies on this and the crime rate goes up during execution days. Plus it costs a lot more to go with an execution versus life in prison. I can’t seem to find one benefit of execution. The only one – from the other side of the argument—is that they are ridding the world of a criminal who did horrible things.

I’m sad because this person who did this horrible deed will die. Does he know Jesus? I don’t know and it doesn’t appear so. Everyone saying he’s going to hell and it seems to me that that is the case. I don’t want people to go to hell. I don’t want people to celebrate that someone is going to hell. Don’t we as Christians hold out to the slimmest of hope that someone can be saved? I rather he stay in prison and maybe, just maybe, he might see salvation.

Because I wasn’t directly affected by Tsarnaev’s actions, my thoughts on this don’t carry as much weight as the victims of this tragedy. But from what I know and believe, us killing someone because he killed others doesn’t seem to be something that God wants.

Celebration? Joy? I have none of that. I just don’t feel it. It’s all sadness for me. Maybe people just don’t have it in them to forgive. Or maybe just are still reacting out of emotion. All I know that nothing about this makes me feel good.

These are just my thoughts and you can have your own opinion on this.

It still shakes me up thinking about the entire thing two years later but I know for certain that I find no celebration in seeing someone dying and going to hell. It breaks my heart.

May God bring peace to him in the time he has left before the execution.


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