So I went to Chula Vista to see Lana Del Rey and I had fun

Yesterday me and my cousin went down to San Diego. To be more specific, Chula Vista to see Lana Del Rey. We are both fans and yet when we lined up, we realized we did not match the people in line. We had no flower crown, we didn’t look like we belonged. But who cares, it was great.

Courtney Love was the opening act and she did cover “Gold Dust Woman” from the Mac, so that was cool. But that’s now who I came to see.

Lana wore a red dress that looked really nice. But the problem with her show, which was something that I expected, was that since her songs are so slow and somber, she did not do much during the show in terms of moving around. Her diva persona was on point during the show. At one time, while she was singing “West Coast,” she stopped the song because her microphone was giving her issues. She kinda chewed out the techies, did a conceited sound check and resumed.

The entire show featured some grainy black and white, and sometimes multicolored video screen with just her face singing the entire time. It was such a not so exciting show because of the songs she performed, but she sounded wonderful.

I am surprised she didn’t perform “Young & Beautiful” and “National Anthem,” but she did perform her other big hits including the final song of “Off to the Races” which was really good.

It was only a 90-minute show on her end with 14 songs. Still, it was a nice night. But she is one of those artists that seeing once is enough. Glad I did it. But yeah, enough.

After that, I crashed at my other cousin’s place and that was our day.




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