I got to see The Rock at the San Andreas premiere

I was already excited to see this movie but when I found out that I could get free passes to see San Andreas early and The Rock was hosting it, I was on board. I had always wanted to see a movie at the Chinese Theatre and here we are. I got there at around 9:45 which was good timing considering the long line that had already started. I got a wristband for the handprint ceremony later. Yes!

When we got into the theatre, The Rock came and greeted people with selfies, Periscope and submitted Q&As from Twitter and from fans in the crowd. He was so cool, making jokes and just having a good time. I really like the guy and he is a great entertainer. Just being the presence of the legend was great and I tried to take as many pictures as I can from it.


I actually liked the movie a lot. Although I am bias toward these kinds of movies, I thought it was done well. And of course, Alexandra Daddario was in it too. Hello. Although she played the daughter, it was odd knowing that she is 29 and her father (The Rock) is 43. Oh well. Still, really cool to see a movie with a lot of San Francisco in it.

After the movie, we got outside and waited for The Rock to emerge again for his ceremony. He gave a great speech, thanked his family and team and did some cool poses during the handprinting ceremony. He even took time to mingle with the fans and do interviews. As you can see above, I wanted to get a selfie but with so many people, so little time, this was the best I could do. Hey, good enough for me. I smelled what he was cooking.


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