Sitting back and reminiscing about David Letterman

Growing up as a kid, there were two main late night talk show hosts that I could have watched. One was Jay Leno who the American public deemed to be great. I never thought he was great. The other was David Letterman, who was really odd many times and never had the top guests in comparison to Leno. I gravitated toward Letterman because I was weird too.

There were so many things about Letterman’s comedy that stood out to me. As you can see above, the Top 10 list was something that was so silly yet I wanted more of it. I loved Biff Henderson’s weird adventures and Rupert Jee’s willingness to do silly things with Dave. Even stupid human tricks and Will it Float were segments that probably was so lame for the average viewer, yet it was great for me.

What made Letterman funny to me was that he didn’t seem to be too serious. When it came to Leno, he kept it safe and really worked hard to keep whatever movie or album promotion as the focus. But for Letterman, he really just had a conversation with the guests and they truly seemed to enjoy hanging with him.

One of the reasons why I love Letterman so much was his love for his music guests. He hosted The Killers so many times and I credit Letterman for my fandom of this band. They did a performance of “All These Things That I’ve Done” in 2005 I believe and that performance made me a huge fan. Years later, they did another performance and I consider this their best on Letterman.

I wasn’t a Killers fan at the time, but after I watched this performance, I fell in love with them. Thanks Dave!

Even though I didn’t watch Letterman a lot since I didn’t have a TV for so long and I don’t have time to watch, I still enjoyed what he did and how real he was. That is what we’re going to lose. The other late night hosts are all about fun. But Dave new how to turn it into a serious conversation when it needed to be.

I am happy for him  and glad that his final show was such a perfect one. If you haven’t seen it yet, go do it. There are lots of clips on the YouTube page and the finale was exactly how I expected it to be. It was great. He was great. He was the best.



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3 responses to “Sitting back and reminiscing about David Letterman

  1. Ending the show with the Foo Fighters was brilliant. Yep, you’re right, Dave knew when to be serious when he needed to be. I love the Rolling Stone recap on some of the best, and most profound, moments on the show.

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