Finally a time to blog and not get caught up in things

For the first time in a while, I can finally relax. This past week or so I was so caught up in busyness that I never really got to blog as much as I wanted to this month.

Done with VBS as it took a lot out of me to watch the kids and get sunburn on my scalp.

Done with V3con in which I no longer have to stress about writing sponsorship posts and working through social media.

Done with Family Promise’s overnight stay on Sunday.

Welcome to being the new official prayer leader.


I normally never get stressed out but this week I nearly cracked. It sucks to have so much responsibilities and nobody can help out. This sucks. Plus what really made this tough was that I enjoyed doing all these things. I just don’t enjoy them all together at once in one week.

Even worse was last night I noticed this gray hair right in the middle of my awesome black hair. I have been getting gray hairs but they are few and don’t appear often. But here it is, right there. I had to pull it out.

But finally today, my off day, I can truly dedicate this day to taking a day off.

Time to finish PLL. Time to catch up with Under the Dome. Time to get to True Detective. Give it all to me. Today I sloth!


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