Brandy I like you but you’re a fool for this NYC subway video

Brandy tries to get some people’s attention while singing on the subway in New York. But of course, being that she is living in NYC for the first time, she doesn’t know how things work in the city.

Even though I only lived in NYC for two months, I think I have an idea of how the people of the city operate.

  1. There are numerous people performing on subways and that doesn’t limit to singing. Most of the time, it’s not that great. So because of that, passengers ignore performers. Passengers want to mind their own business and don’t want people performing and bothering them. It’s not becasue Brandy isn’t talented. It’s because her performance was unwanted.
  2. Secondly, she wasn’t singing to anyone. Much like the man said, she was performing for the camera, not audience. And subways are loud. The performance suffered because of these two.
  3. Third, she dressed kind of oddly. Her presence along with her attitude was not endearing. It made her look kind of foolish trying to do something that produced such a disappointing result.
  4. Don’t be naive. When you truly learn about New York, you’ll know that subway performances usually produce such low reactions.

Welcome to New York!



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