Best Buy says their pricing error online is somehow my fault

Last night, Best Buy’s website had a pricing error. Certain $200 gift cards were for sale at $15. Naturally, people were buying tons of cards and for a brief moment, that was the big talk online. I bought 10 cards thinking that if it went through, I would have $1,000 in Best Buy spending money. Of course, I knew it was an error and expected that Best Buy would cancel the order. They have a right to do so.

Today, they officially canceled my order but the reason they gave was odd. They said that they canceled it because they couldn’t verify my information? What? Somehow my information was so inaccurate they couldn’t verify it? They won’t even admit that they had an error and they had to cancel it because of their own mistake.

Shame on you Best Buy. Grow some balls and take the blame.

EDIT: They emailed me this today 7/17/15


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