I saw Riothorse Royale perform last night and it was everything I wanted it to be!

Riothorse Royale sounds even better live.

Riothorse Royale sounds even better live.

Some of you know that Madi Diaz is an artist I’ve followed for a few years since I saw her perform live in my first concert when I moved to LA. Since then I’ve seen her a couple times but not as a member of her band. The band is Riothorse Royale and she teams up with bassist Emily Greene. Their sound is very unique in a way that I like it. It’s not poppy or upbeat, but rather very somber and very heart-wrenching. I kinda like that. I had been listening to their music since they made it available on SoundCloud so I was getting myself super ready for the show.

I knew about this show for a while but I initially didn’t think that I would be able to make it. My old work schedule had me working up until 10pm. There was no way I could make it to see this show if that was still the case. But last week, they changed up my schedule and I get off work at 5pm. That’s great! But I was so exhausted (and wanted to avoid traffic) that I actually slept in my car in the garage before I left work at around 7pm. Smart move on my end as the drive was a little easier and I made it to Echo Park with plenty of time to spare.

One of the many signs around the hood promoting the band and show.

One of the many signs around the hood promoting the band and show.

One of the cool things that the band did before the show was post their signs around the hood. (I took one home after the show.) So when I arrived in the area and saw one of the signs on the post, I knew I was in the right area.

When I entered the venue, I looked around and was fascinated by all the neon lights. This was my first time at this venue so I looked around and thought it was pretty cool. A bar was set up along one end and the bathrooms are on the opposite ends of the stage. There is also an outside patio, which I think gives this place a really unique and nice touch.

I knew that I wanted to pick up the band’s EP. I’m old school and I like physically holding CDs. But at the merch table, there was nobody representing Riothorse Royale to handle my purchase. Then I was told someone would take care of me and it actually turned out to be Emily from the band. She recognized me from all the tweeting I did and she was super nice. This was my first time meeting her and she’s so sweet and appreciative of me being a huge fan. We got to talking briefly before the first band Wildhoney and they had a pretty loud sound. My ears are still ringing.

Right after that was Riothorse Royale’s turn to hit the stage. I made sure I was right up front. I was so excited and it was great to see Emily and Madi rocking it out. I must tell you, as much as I liked their sound in the studio versions of their songs, they sounded so much better live. The energy and sound was phenomenal!

Got my Riothorse Royale EP signed! Yee!

Got my Riothorse Royale EP signed! Yee!

After their set, I got a chance to see them at the merchandise table. There were some people who were lining up to buy their stuff which was great to see. I eventually got Emily and Madi to both sign my CD. It was a little hard to make out with my silver marker, but you can tell that it’s there.

So here is the cool part of the evening. I was out in the patio just hanging out when a person saw my Fleetwood Mac “Rumors” shirt and grabbed my attention. And it happened to be a friend of Emily’s. We talked about the Mac, our love of music, our careers. She was also in a band too. And she suggested I check out this one song from her band. Check out “Summer Stars” by Via Audio. Pretty cool.

How crazy is that because of my shirt, a conversation sparked, interest was shared, contact information was exchanged and overall, we just talked about so many different things. Good shirts lead to good things.

As the evening went on, we split ways and I was thinking that I should head home pretty soon. It was around midnight so I saw Emily chatting in the patio and I asked for her and Madi to take one picture with me. I was pretty excited for this. But of course, Madi being silly Madi, didn’t even look at the camera on the first shot. We had to do it again.

Take one... let's try again.

Take one… let’s try again.

We got it!

We got it!

As I was about to leave, one of the friends of the band saw my shirt and wanted to take it from me. She said she wanted to trade that for a Riothorse Royale tank. Hahaha, that’s two things started with my shirt. Good times!

And that wrapped up my night. I got to see one of my new favorite duos. Saw some other cool bands. But most importantly just a time to enjoy good music, make a new friend and just enjoying it all. Riothorse Royale might be performing in September again. If my schedule lines up, I might just go see them again.


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