My Baseball Hall of Fame trip itinerary

You wanna know what I am doing this weekend?

Weekend itinerary:
Friday: Board plane
Saturday: Baseball Hall of Fame
Sunday: Baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremony
Monday: Basketball Hall of Fame
Tuesday: Boston Freedom Trail & Fenway Park
Wednesday: Return to California

This trip to the HOF has been a plan I have been hoping to execute for some years. I went back in 2008 and I really enjoyed it. But I wanted to go to the HOF when the class was exceptional. This year with Pedro, Big Unit, Smoltz and Biggio, that was the one. I am a huge Pedro fan and Big Unit was also very important to me. So several years ago I vowed that I would make it out this year. (Watch out next year, I’ll be back to see Junior.)

So I am going to board a plane, arrive in Albany in the morning, drive to my lodging place, drop off a few things, and head over to Cooperstown where I will spend most of the evening there before retiring back to the lodge. I sleep for a few hours and then head back to Cooperstown (an hour drive) for the induction ceremony. Not too long after that, I will be driving four hours to Boston. There I will see my mom.

Then on Monday, I drive out to Springfield for the Basketball Hall of Fame. This is going to be my first time there. Then that will just be our day. Tuesday I will do the Freedom Trail before wrapping it up with Pedro jersey retirement night at Fenway. It’s going to be my first time there. I am really excited.

It’s only a five-day trip really but I will get a lot done. Pray for my travel safeties and lots of fun.



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