Because I don’t seem to update this enough with my updates

My last two entries were about my two days in Cooperstown but I haven’t updated it since. I wrote it on my sports blog but I can give a quick summary here.

Following my five-hour drive to Boston, I got a chance to see my mom and just relax for the rest of the night. The following day we had a two-hour drive out to Springfield for the Basketball Hall of Fame. It was a really neat place to check out the history of basketball. It’s a small place and it looks like a Dave & Busters from the outside, but inside it’s packed with the history of the game. It’s very nice.

The next day we did the Freedom Trail through Boston to see all the historical sites. And then after that it was Fenway Park. It’s intimate. It’s small. The place has so much history. I really like the park and I want to go back again. Overall, it’s a very small park that fits perfectly for the history of Boston.


What has happened since? I came back and that’s pretty much it. I’m actually going to the new office for the first time today. The official first day was Monday but I took two days to work from home because I didn’t want to go in all lost and not have time. But I plan to go in today a little early before my 12pm shift. I wasn’t looking forward to the move to the new office since it’s more out of my way now and I have to drive even further to get there. But I can’t complain, I just have to take this. Maybe I will like this new location.

Right now it’s just a lot of planning time and just getting things organized. It’s nice to have a M-F work schedule now. I never had that before in my life.

Also, next week I will be seeing The Sweeplings in concert. I am excited for that. Like for reals, super excited for that!

That’s all I got for now. I got more to share but I will share them later when I don’t lazy again.


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