I finally saw The Sweeplings in show and their music makes me so happy

Before I even dive into this, I want to tell you a story.

Remember when I first moved here and I attended my first concert here in LA? I have been following the Hotel Cafe for a while in hopes of returning and seeing another show there. So one day in November, the venue talked about an upcoming show that night about this duo called The Sweeplings. I had never heard of them before but out of curiosity, I looked them up. I never really listened much to a guy/girl duo in many of my music tastes, but something about Cami (she’s really pretty and has a super sweet voice — plus she’s from America’s Got Talent) and Whitney (who looks like the coolest guy in the room always) that caught my attention. I jammed their music on Spotify all day while at work giving myself a chance to check out their sound. I liked it. I wanted to go see them that night. But I was stuck at work all night.


When Sam keeps his promise, he delivers.


So when I went to the venue last night, I was really unsure if I was at the right place. The Room 5 Lounge is actually on the second floor above a restaurant. I wandered around the block briefly before finding my way to the right spot. They were the first acts to his the stage and it was so exciting. They just released their first full-length LP “Rise & Fall” and played many songs from the album. They even played “Cannonball” which was a song that wasn’t included in the album.

They are so cute on stage. Can I say that? Whitney and Cami just chit-chatting on little things. Whitney saw my excitement through the night and made a joke about me having too much to drink. What a cool guy! Here are two videos I shot.

I was so excited to meet them after the show. I like that about these small venues, that the artists are willing to meet and greet and I did just that. Look at the excitement on my face!


Go listen to them and support them. They are awesome!

There were also two more acts. One was SF-native Rosy Nolan and her banjo teacher John. They were pretty awesome and very relaxing too. She was a little ditzy but in a good way. It added to her little persona and stage.

The last act was Anthony Hall. This guy was great on the guitar and he had so much soul. He did a cover version of “Big Poppa” and it was phenomenal. He had some other great songs too and I am looking forward to see how his career grows. In fact, I shot a video of him performing.

What a fun concert! I like these little shows. They’re like little gems of life unwrapped in its musical glory.

I haven’t made this promise officially, but the next time The Sweeplings are in LA again, I will see them. Not sure with the busyness of my life going forward, but I do want to do that.


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