I went to #HarvestSoCal on Saturday and it was nice

#Lecrae #HarvestSoCal

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I had heard about Greg Laurie’s Harvest for so long but I never had a chance to go to it because of work and distance for all these years. But for the first time ever, I had the time and I went.

I don’t really respond well to these big gatherings. There’s a lost intimacy to it at times but I still was curious. The drive to Angel Stadium wasn’t too bad and parking was only $5. But it was really me being curious about how people would react to an event like this. It was free, but how many people would show up?

The stadium was packed.


What was cool was that Lecrae was one of the artists performing, so I got to see him perform live again. That guy is good. Even though I don’t really listen to his stuff a lot, I dig his style and his message.

But the most important thing was Greg Laurie. I have heard him preach before and he’s really straight to the point but he makes it easy to understand. He explained about how we are all going to die but there is a hope in God and in God, great things are set for us.

What was cool was the alter call at the end. But it was on the field, so we all went to the field. What a sight!

It was really inspiring to see thousands of people committing to Christ. I really hope that they get the right follow-up. They had people passing out Bibles and praying for one another. I still don’t connect with big events like this but if it works those people, then it’s good. I see God working so it’s all good with me!


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