I got to see Riothorse Royale again and it keeps getting more fun!

Can I apply to be an official Riothorse Royale groupie?

OK, maybe I’m not big of a fan. But I am a big fan. The duo is performing every Monday for free this month at The Satellite. I became a fan of this group because one of the members is one of my favorite singers of all time. Naturally this style is something I really dig. Back in July I saw them perform and I really liked it. (They told me then that they might be doing a residency at The Satellite but it wasn’t confirmed — well, it was and I was there.)

Let me tell you, their sound live is way better than the recorded studio version of their songs and that’s a good thing.

I was really looking forward to this performance because I knew it was going to be a really exciting one for me. But what made this even more special was that it capped off a holiday weekend and the live sound was going to be great.


Here was what made this show so special: it was fun.

What I really like about going to concerts is to see the performers on stage. But the real key to my enjoyment is to see their enjoyment. Throughout the show, the audience would yell random things and Madi seemed to laugh at all of them. Then during songs, Madi and Emily would look at each other and just smile. I don’t know why that seems to important to me, but the fact that they were having fun made the show even more fun too.

The duo performed 10 songs and because I got a quick peek at the setlist, I know now the name of some of the songs that aren’t in their EP. Still, their sound live was phenomenal. They still maintained that kind of haunting sound yet it was a legit rock & roll feel. The drummer was great and the two seemed to complement each other so well on stage.

I am glad they are doing more shows this month. It’s a steal that they are performing for free. Their sound is so good. With the busyness of my schedule, I wonder if I should go see them again. I doubt I could but maybe if I can bring a friend along, maybe I’ll rearrange some things to make it work. Because I know that it’s going to be a super fun show!


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