I saw Mew last night and it might have been the greatest concert I ever attended

I discovered Mew when I was in college and since then I have had a very fond connection with them. Their sound is so unique and the more I listened to them, the more I felt that they were a truly magical band. I attended a concert to see them six years ago to coincide with their last album. It was a great show but I was still new to their music so I only recognized half of the songs they did. Still, it was an amazing show.

This year they released their newest album. The album is really nice and I have grown to love it. When I found out that they were touring America again, I had to get my ticket. I bought the presale and began counting down the days to the show. (And while I waited, I was featured in their music video.)

What’s really cool is that this band isn’t super mainstream but they have their hardcore fans. I was surrounded by them at the show. I even talked with this guy named John who attended the show himself and we chatted up for a bit.


The opening act was The Dodos. They sounded pretty cool and they did a half hour set. Then the wait was for Mew. I think the reason why I say this could be the best concert I have attended (and I’ve been to many) is that the atmosphere was perfect for fans. It wasn’t too big and the music encouraged us to dance around, sing along and just be free.

Oh they covered all the songs we wanted to hear. They did several songs off their new record but made sure they got all the classic ones from their old albums. I am surprised they didn’t do “The Night Believer” which was their third single and they didn’t touch “Repeaterbeater” either. However, they did all the other songs we wanted. I sang along to them. I bounced around to them. I was sweating.

They were so close and so grateful to the audience. Johan was bouncing around the stage too. The entire vibe of the show was amazing. I didn’t want it to end. I really wanted more. This is the first time I ever felt that I really needed to see them again immediately. This show was so good. All the memories of this band flooded me. Absolutely stunning!

After the show Jonas gave high fives and hugs to people in the front. I was in the front, but not front enough.

It doesn’t matter. I got my tour shirt. I saw them perform live. And I am all smiles. Greatest concert I ever attended? I think so. Or at least maybe a tie with Prince.


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