I got to see Riothorse Royale one more time for their last night of residency

A few weeks ago I saw Riothorse Royale perform at The Satellite for residency. Last night was their last night and I made my way back there to support my favorite rockers.

The music was great as usual and I was able to bring my housemate to check them out. He dug them. I love listening to them live. As much as their studio sound is great, something about hearing them live and loud made them so special. I really like them so I am glad I got to see them one more time because their next show is TBA at the moment.

But what makes this group so fun are the individual members. I’ve been a fan of Madi Diaz since 2012 so I’ve followed her career. She keeps things upbeat and always seems to have fun. She smiled throughout half the show just enjoying herself. Before the show even started, she was setting up her equipment when she saw me in a RHR shirt. “Fuck yeah!” she said, giving me a high five. She’s awesome.

After the show, I got Madi to sign my poster. I awaited for Emily to get there. When she saw me, she greeted me with a hug. The last time I talked with her she was so sweet and so nice. And this time was no different. She was so excited to see me and was so grateful for my continuous support.

I like these two. I hope to see them again soon. They’re just fun!

Thanks for signing my poster! I got this hanging up on my wall now!


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