How I got the pre-sale Selena Gomez Revival Tour tickets without having the code

As you know, I am a huge Selena Gomez fan. Take a look at the above photo. That’s me the morning the album came out.

In fact, getting the album was a tricky situation. I had two options. Buy the pre-sale of the album off Selena’s site, pay for expensive shipping, but along with that, get a pre-sale code for her tour. The album she had features 14 songs.

Or I wait for the actual release date and buy the 16-track version from Target. No pre-sale code comes with that.

I decided to get the Target version because I was very confident that I don’t need a pre-sale to secure the tickets to her show. And yes, I still ended up getting a pre-sale code and buying the tickets today. That’s two days before it goes sale to the general public.

How did I do it?

Being a professional Googler and Twitter searcher, I looked through to see if anyone was talking about pre-sale codes. And yes, people were talking and sharing. One of them had to be right. So when the pre-sale time came up at 10AM today, I tried out a few codes.

  • GOOD4U

Guess which one worked?

That got me in and now I have 5 tickets to see Selena at the Staples Center in LA on my birthday.

Section 319, Row 4, Seat 7-11

Saved money on the album, got two extra tracks and Googled my way to a pre-sale code. Winner winner! That’s me!


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