I went to see Run the Jewels last night and almost got squashed in the mosh pit

I am a big Run the Jewels fan and I was aware of their show in Pomona for some time. But I was uncertain if I could go to the show. First of all, I didn’t even know if I would have the time on Friday. But when I woke up Friday morning and started mulling the potential drive and the price of the tickets, I decided that I had to go to the show. I bought the ticket and after work, I immediate made my way out to Pomona.

I was fortunate to find parking just two blocks away. Everything else was filled up and they were charging $10 to park at the lot across the street from the venue. I got in line at around 7:30, which was about half an hour or so before the doors opened up. I’ve been to a rap concerts in my lifetime and I always noticed that the crowd is usually mostly white people. Just an observation — I was probably the only Chinese person at the show.

When I got into the venue, I immediate went to the merch table since I knew I didn’t want to try to deal with a long line after the show. Of course as I do with every concert, I bought the tour T-shirt.


Then I got right up close to the stage as possible. It started filling up quick so to start, I was about 15 feet from the stage. The opening acts were Cuz Lightyear, FaShawn and Boots. All were decent. But as the prep work began for RTJ to hit the stage, a swarm of people started to push a little and get closer. This was especially annoying since there were four frat boys behind me, drinking, pushing and spilling things. This was not going to end well if they kept going.

My goal was to try to get some good photos and maybe shoot a video while I was this close to the stage. I wasn’t aware of how the environment was going to be when they would hit the stage.

As El-P and Killer Mike hit the stage and the music played, the mosh pit opened up and I was nearly eaten. I was being pushed left and right. The floor was wet and I could have slipped. I was elbowed, I was shoved. I was holding onto my phone for dear life as I felt that someone could easily knock it out of my hand. No chance for me to shoot a photo or a video. I was trying to just stay alive. I was literally fearful that something bad was going to happen. Luckily nothing did. Just a lot of shoving and bouncing off strangers with uncertainty.

One of the rare decent pictures I took from the mosh pit.

Even though I much enjoyed the mosh pit, it was so draining on me just trying to enjoy the music while staying on my feet and not getting myself hurt. I tried to take a few pictures but I ultimately decided to not get as close and start backing away.

It still wasn’t too safe as I backed up away from the supposed designated mosh pit area. There were dudes who just ran into the area and started shoving everybody in sight. It was quite the scene but it was still crazy how they could spill over to the area where people didn’t want to get involved.

But anyway, how was the show? Amazing!

What I really liked about the entire show was that the two guys really sounded great. The intensity, the fan involvement was great. Even though I didn’t know all the lyrics to the song, it still was an amazing sight to behold to see those two sound so smooth on the mic. The rowdy fans were a great touch to a very rowdy show. And that’s a good thing.

I was lucky enough to shoot one video and it’s one of my favorite songs from them.

Getting to see one of my favorite groups was special. The place was rocking. The music was great. My ears were ringing. Man that was fun.

I was glad I made the decision to go see them. I didn’t think I would and I probably could have stayed home and just watched a movie by myself. But somehow, someway, my better judgment told me to do it. And now I have great memories for a lifetime.

And I didn’t realize this, but this was my fourth concert in four weeks. I saw Mew, then Riothorse Royale and then Queen Nation in the span of three weeks. Run the Jewels last night and next week Tess Henley. That’s five in five. Oh man, I do like my music!

And they retweeted this from my other account!


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