Great night hanging out with MC Jin for a free concert ‘at his home’

Last week I saw this post on Instagram and I knew that I had to attend. What’s cool about this was that the last time I saw MC Jin was at The Great Company during the summer of 2014. It was going to be cool to go back to this really cool place and see him perform.

I had seen him perform 10 years ago when I was at SJSU and last year during the 626 Night Market. But getting this intimate setting up close was pretty special.

The last time I was here I didn’t get a chance to really notice the graffiti along the wall. The neighborhood is in this dark part of LA with factories. But it’s a pretty neat looking exterior at night. Inside the building is mostly wood and brick but it has a real nice structure feel to it.

While we waited outside, he came out, met everyone and ordered a duck taco. He was all about that. Then he said we’d be getting in shortly.

Before getting into the performance area, we waited in the bullpen lobby area where there was a ton of his merch for sale. Pretty cool stuff since they were discounted. But when we got into the performance area, we had to grab some chairs from against the wall to the front of the stage.

Jin essentially performed almost every track off his album. He played the instrumental off his laptop, trying to give off this really “living room” vibe. He wanted it to be like if we all came to his house. It worked out. He interacted with the fans, told some jokes, freestyled some too. It was really intimate and really special. He even had a karaoke session and a fun Q&A.

I asked him “Superman or Batman” and he said based on the worldly character of the two, he’d go with Bruce since he’s loaded. I would hang out with Clark, but that’s just me recognizing how awesome journalists are.

After the show, he did a meet and greet with every single person. We took pictures and shared laughs. A fun night with Jin. Hope to see him again whenever he’s back in LA.



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