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What if I read the first line of Psalm 23 backwards? It’s equally wonderful

On Sunday I was part of this new Sunday School study and it was our first meeting. It was a basic overview, kind of like the first day of class. We talked about what we were going to study (the book of Galatians) and how we were going to do it (research some background, finding meanings of certain translations). I am pretty excited about this. It’s been a while since I really went deep into the word like this. There have been things similar, but nothing like this.

One of the examples to help us understand what was going to happen in the following weeks was to break down a line from the Bible and just see what we can learn and glean from it. We took the following line and studied each word individually.


Pretty simple line. Very commonly used line.

So we broke down the line analyzing every word, starting with “The” then followed by “Lord” and so on. It was nice since we got to look at each word and what we define each word as. Combining it together after all of that made the meaning of the line that much powerful. Continue reading


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