Putting faith in God to do something with my money for someone I’ve never met

I am completely acting on faith in God.

About a month ago I was asked to seriously consider going to Urbana. I am very familiar with the conference that is held in St. Louis every three years. They have amazing pastors, speakers and a whole lot of workshops to really help people grow in their faith in Jesus.

I was hesitant to do it because I didn’t think I’d get the time. And of course, money was also an issue (even though half the cost was going to be sponsored by my church). But I decided that I can’t let my own fears stop me. I was going to act upon it even though I may not have felt ready.

So I put in the time off request at work. I left it in God’s hands. If I was meant to go, then God will deliver Urbana to me.

Unfortunately, I did not get the time off. I am unable to go.

But I found out that a student at Cal Poly Pomona who goes to ICF (International Christian Fellowship — a part of InterVarsity) is going. He is a friend of one of the people who I know from church. I have been supporting this fellowship with monthly donations financially. I remember when I was in college and how an opportunity like a missions trip was never in the cards for me because I was working. But if I can bless someone who was like me, I felt that I should do it.

I prayed about it.

Can I donate money to someone I have never met? It wasn’t just a small amount. I am paying for over half of this student’s needs for the trip. I was putting faith in God to use the money to bless this student.

Since I am not able to go, in a way I “saved” money for the trip. But I feel that the money was supposed to be for God and I shouldn’t hold on to it. So I am going to give it to this student. He will have what I was supposed to use. I pray that I helped alleviate this financial burden.

I don’t know if I will ever meet this student. That’s OK. I don’t need to. I have faith that the money will serve the student the way it needs to. And I believe God will do great things at Urbana.


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