Just got back from the ‘Seinfeld’ apartment in Hollywood

You all know I am a huge Seinfeld fan. So when I found out they were going to recreate the apartment out in Hollywood, I had to go there. The wait of course would be long for this free event but I didn’t care. I had to go. I wanted to see what all the buzz was about. And let me tell you, it was worth it!

The exhibit was to open at 10AM but I knew that with the popularity of the show with its revival with Hulu, I had to get there somewhat early. I got in line at around 9:15AM. It would take me about 90 minutes in line before I could get in. By noon time, the line was a four-hour wait.

As I walked in, I was greeted by a ton of famous quotes from the show. True fans would recognize each and every one of them. In front was the booth from Monk’s on display.


Along the left side were displays of props (some original) from the show. They had a Festivus pole and even the retouched Mr. Kruger photo from George’s photobomb. The long wait into the place allowed me to look at each item. But what really caught my attention was at the end of the walkthrough, they had a sofa out for fans to recreate George’s “Timeless Art of Seduction” photoshoot. Yes, some people went and took off their shirts and pants for this photo shoot.

Some displays, like the Frogger arcade, was accompanied by a video clip from that episode. Over the loudspeaker were audio clips of famous scenes from the show.

Aside from the displays, the main attraction was the recreation of Jerry’s apartment. Let me tell you the detail of accuracy was amazing. Here are some photos for you to see.

They had a porch for a “Festivus farm” where people could pose with the pole. And there was a side portion where people could pretend they were Jerry doing a stand up bit. It felt a bit rushed. I never really got a chance to look at everything in the apartment to full detail. But it was nice that there were workers there helping out with photography to speed up the process. Overall, it was excellent. And people liked my Festivus sweater — even some wanted to take a photo of it.

I wasn’t bold enough to do the seduction photoshoot in my underwear. But still, it was nice to recreate that scene.

Now I prepare my Festivus dinner this Wednesday. I cannot wait to air some grievances. Tomorrow is the last day for this and if you are in Los Angeles, I recommend you go see it. It’s worth it!


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