Just got Rachel Platten to sign my CD and she remembers me from 4 years ago!

I got a chance to see Rachel Platten today at her CD signing at Barnes & Noble. This was really cool because I won a contest to get to the front of the line for it. There were about 100 people in line at the beginning of the signing.

This was really cool to see. First of all, she took pictures with a bunch of children that were from a hospital I think. Her song “Fight Song” has become a song of inspiration and there were so many people sharing their stories with her and telling her how inspirational she is. And she talked with every single person. So much love!!!!!

What’s really awesome about Rachel is that she hasn’t changed. When I met her in 2012, she was this sweet caring artist who wanted to love and hug everyone. Today was no different despite her rising fame. She was hugging, smiling and loving every single fan in line.

But here is the cool thing.

Remember when I found out that our photo from her 2012 tour was in the CD booklet? I showed her the original photo on my phone and pointed it out to her that it was the same photo in the booklet.

“I remember you!” she said. She started to reminisce about that night and how her cousins showed up in tank tops that night. That was really special. She seemed to really like that I would bring that up and it really cheered her.

Then she drew a heart around the photo and signed the front of the booklet.

She was so grateful and so full of love. I can tell that her heart is still so happy with joy and blessings. She inspires so many people and still inspires me. You could not wipe that smile off her face. Too bad they didn’t allow posed photos with her but I still was able to grab a couple photos.

Thank you, Rachel! You remain my favorite always. Can’t wait for the concert later this year!

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