I attended the ‘Fuller House’ red carpet premiere and it was wonderful!

I got a GOFOBO to see the first episode (at least) of the new show Fuller House. As you know, this is a continuation of the original Full House. The entire original cast (minus the Olsen Twins) reprise their roles on the show. It’s a Netflix original and I was excited to check it out. I grew up watching the show and the nostalgia would be great.

As I got to the Grove, I would realize that it was actually the red carpet world premiere. There were media and a red carpet. The line was long so I had to quickly get in line. But still, it was awesome to see John Stamos walk by and then acknowledge us later.


Creator Jeff Franklin introduced us in the theater as Bob Saget, John Stamos, Jodie Swetin, Lori Laughlin and Andrea Barber were there. The rest of the cast was there too but I was able to pinpoint them out in the crowded theater.

They showed the pilot and episode #3. Let me tell you this: You will get the feels. They said some of their notable catch phrases. They showed how much they loved each other. There were some great lessons learned and it still had the feeling of the old show. I was captivated too.

What really got me was the shade they threw at the Olsen twins in the show. You just have to see how they address that they weren’t there.

Still it was really cool to watch it and just to relive my childhood again. Go see it on the 26th. You won’t regret it!

And oh yeah, the guy who played Steve was there too and he was signing autographs hours after the premiere for fans. Cool stuff!


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